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. and this happened to other people on san bruno avenue. and then a teen was robbed on another bus near san bruno avenue. >>> firefighter departments in contra costa county have received a new state of the art live safing tool. 72 heart monitors were given thanks to a grant by fema and. the technology allows firefighters in the field to detect heart attacks and communicate with hospitals to prepare for immediate assistance. firefighters will begin using the systems in the field on january 1st. >>> governor jerry brown gave dozens of former inmates a holiday gift. on christmas eve, he pardoned 79 people who competed their sentences and had not reoffended within the last decade. most of those pardons were low- level offenses. they will be pardoned to serve on juries an in some cases own firearms. >>> under the revised three strikes law, in november, voters approved prop 36 which requires that a life sentence only be given for a third felony if it's a serious or violent crime. about 3700 prisoners may qualify for resentencing hearings and some inmates have already won their release. >>> a christmas
. the church is now launched a fundraising campaign to pay for it. >>> criminals have robbed four pharmacies in just two days in pleasanton and dublin. brian flores is there now at a pharmacy that was hit. >> reporter: hi. the main question is if all the pharmacies that were robbed are related. no word from law enforcement officials. you are right. we are here at the 2800 block in front that have riteaid. it was robbed around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. there were also robberies at a pharmacy not to far from here. there was a third attempted robbery that may, or may not be related on dublin boulevard. then there was a 4th attempted robbery at a cvs off regional street. that was around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. its being reported that at least two men may be working together and hitting up the pharmacies. one of them would walk up to a pharmacist with a demand note. in these cases the pharmacists said no and then the men fled on foot without the drugs. no injuries or sign of a gun. one of the suspects is a white or middle eastern man with a beard. he is his mid-30s. witnesses say that he had a
was robbed. this happened in a pretty busy shopping time. brian flores is live to tell us where the woman was when she was targeted. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at the sun valley mall. at this hour, concord police are looking for an armed robbery suspect that tried to take items from a woman here in front of the macy's parking lot at the mall. still very limited details. from what we understand, the robbery happened at around 7:30 last night. it's being reported that the woman was just arriving here at the mall when the robber pointed something. it's still not clear whether it was a gun or not, but he pointed it on the back of her head and demanded that she give him all of her money. she didn't have cash. she gave him her driver's license and credit cards. the robber pushed her to the ground and ran off into what is described as an older model light-colored small car. the woman ran into the macy's and called police. still very limited details as we mentioned on the suspect air -- suspect's car and his description. we have calls in to them. shoppers are warned to be very vigilant
. at least two toll takers have been robbed on the bridge. the chp said they will announce more information later today. >>> this the rain is finally -- has finally cleared out of the bay area. there's still a lot of cleanup to do including in la fayette. city leaders have approved an emergency declaration making $1 million available for repairs. this 15-foot deep whole opened up aand crews have set up a temporary channel. they are still searching for a pipe to make a permanent fix. >>> in sonoma county, a five- mile stretch is closed because of a mud and rockslide. drivers are being detoured. repave work -- repair work is expected to get underway but cal tran says the stretch of highway -- the stretch of the highway will remain closed until it is repaired. >>> vine mill at 17 it -- vinehill at 17 is back ohm. homeowners are discuss -- is back open. homeowners are discussing bond measures to help keep roads better maintained. stay with us. you can get up-to-the-minute information by downloading the ktvu app or go to and look fogger stormwatch -- and look for the stormwatch tag. >>>
thefully negotiation -- impacts the fiscal cliff negotiation. >>> a youth group visiting florida got robbed. the group made of you of 24 teenagers and said they were eating in a restaurant in fort lauderdale, florida about an hour after they arrived for a weekend youth conference. they say thieves stole $12,000 cash. one member of the group was able to have money wired to them. so they were able to spend last night in a hotel. we have no word yet if that group will return to oakland today. >>> funeral services will be held this weekend for two teenaged girs shot to death in oakland last month. funeral services will be held for ra chef at cooper's -- raquel at cooper's and the girls were found last month near brookdale park. they had been shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made as of yet. >>> today is the 71st anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. bay area survivors will mark the day by marking the been to on mt. diablo at desk. >> the eye of diablo was turned off on teague 8th, the day after the attack. so it would not be a , so it would not be a guide for -- so it would no
are searching for home-invasion robbers who tied up and robbed people in the sunset district -- in a sunset district home in san francisco. brian flores is there now with how it -- with how this happen and how the victims are doing. >> reporter: we're live here on the 1600 block of sloat boulevard. we've been here since 5:00 this morning. still a very active scene at this home where a home invasion robbery happened in the early part of this morning. we talked with a resident of the house here. we presume he's the homeowner. we talked to him about an hour ago. he's the father with two adult kids. he also lives here with his wife and grandmother. according to san francisco police and the resident, this robbery happened at around 2:00 or 3:00 this morning. from what we understand, the father was watching tv in the home while his wife was getting ready for work, when three masked robbers entered the home through a side window. that's according to san francisco police. the resident said they were armed and told the family to get on the floor while the robbers tied them up with electrical tape.
. they hit the restaurant on international boulevard thursday night. they robbed four diners and a employee and took the cash register. >> two california men have been arrested in a riverside county grease theft. they are accused of stealing thousands of dollars of cooking grease from the mcdonalds. the owner helped catch them by staking out his restaurant after hearing about other grease thefts. it can be turned in to biodiesel fuel. >>> cat williams has been arrested on suspicious of felony child endangerment. guns and drugs were found in the house. he is being held in lieu of a hundred thousand dollars bail. he has been arrested several times in the past few months and the irs filed a four million dollar tax lien against him. >> the berkeley fire department has a new leader. the chief retired after 27 years. she broke barriers, she was the first female firefighter, it's first female chief and the second black fire chief in the country. she wants to spend more time with her husband. the deputy chief will lead the department temporarily. >> would be parents are still holding out hope th
robbed a shell station overnight on washington. police say the man with a hooded sweatshirt pretended to have a gun and demanded money from the clerk. >>> as we mentioned, the chp cruiser crashes during a high- speed spur suit in the altamont pass. allie rasmus is live to explain how the crash happens and the officers' condition. >> good morning. right now we're on interstate 580. this crash happened around five miles east of us. now, there were two chp officers who were involved in this crash. both of those officers were in the vehicle you see there that had to be flipped over. both officers are okay. their patrol car -- patrol car flipped during ally speed chase. the chase started around 5:30 between the greenville exit mit misdemeanorle of the -- exited in middle of the pass. that driver refused to stop. the chp sergeant said -- that we talked to this morning said she's just flash flood there were not many cars on the road and that no one was seriously hurt. that's the primary concern that we have is that people are not harmed in these situations and continuing to provide that safe
in downtown palo alto to be on the look just for a man attacking women and trying to rob them. we'll tell you how police are responding. >>> right now, police are searching for multiple shooters in a shooting that left people shot, including an innocent bystander, in the hospital. we'll tell you more -- when "mornings on 2" comes back. boy's voice ] hey guys...what're you doing? [ girl's voice ] we're gonna have lunch together. what're you having? oh, well, i only have this one, so... that'll do, i'll split it with sally. yea, we'll just share it. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt, like the steak & bacon melt. subway. eat fresh®. saying thanks is a great deals customer appreciation month at subway restaurants. because we're offering $2 six inch subs -- the cold cut combo or meatball marinara. $2 each, all december long. appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're wi
's 8:48, green beret police are searching for a bank robber and need your help. the suspect robbed the chase bank along sir francis drake boulevard yesterday. the man handed a note to the teller then walked out of the bank with a bag of cash. the robber didn't show a weapon or suggest he had one. authorities say the man was white, had a grayish blond mush tach and had a black hat, sweatshirt and pants. >>> certain neighborhoods will be getting more police patrols. this brings good news for business owners, shoppers and residents, more officers will be patrolling piedmont avenue, rock ridge, grand lake, and lake shore. increased reports of break-ins, robberies and armed muggings prompt the high security. >>> a new report says oakland police officers are stopping 75% fewer drivers and pedestrians this year compared to three years ago. this drop with a spike in crime, . this year the department is on target to make below 16,000 stops, that's just 43 per day. the department stats reflect an agency dealing job cuts, low morale and federal reform for making stops. >> the city of berkele
news to commuters but bad news to farmers who need the fog for their robs. >>> this week city leaders will consider a proposal to ban surveillance drones. the proposal would establish a no drone zone in berkeley. supporters are worried the aircraft could be used to spy on residents and says this would prevent law enforcement from using them. this comes a week after alameda county tabled a decision by the sheriffs department to spend more than $31,000 for a grant. happening now we want to take you out to newtown, connecticut where investigators are holding a press conference for an update on the sandy hook elementary shooting. let's listen in. >> but i can tell you i have recovered evidence. we have recovered some evidence. it's being processed. the weaponry involved. we are pushing all the way back to the workbench. and every bit of information regarding every weapon is also being examined and looked at with our federal partners. in addition, the examination by the officers is ongoing. hopefully we'll be able to release actual information on the last in this case. i don't have details
this man suspected of robbing a u.s. bank. this is surveillance video. this was at noon yesterday. this was on rosten avenue. police say he didn't show a weapon to the teller and got away with an undisclosed amount of money. the suspect appears to be between 25, 30. maybe about 5'9", maybe close to 6 feet. >>> we are peat getting new details about what -- we're getting new details about what led up to the shooting deaths of two girls last month. the two suspects 18-year-old and 19-year-old, both of oakland, were arraigned in court. police say the 15-year-old and 16-year-old girls were sitting with the suspects in the car before they were shot in east oakland. the men apparently -- apparently got into an argument with the two teenagers. investigators say more than 30 shots were fired. >>> classes will resume at san jose city college following a campus lackdown. investigators say a man called police around 4:00 yesterday afternoon claiming someone had a gun at the technology building. students were evacuated around 5:00 except for the technology building where students were patted d
freeway to catch robbers. know thousand they were there because the credit union they robbed put a tracking device with the stolen cash. they went car to car until they found the device and arrested the suspects. >> three people are now charged with murder in connection with a deadly explosion at an indianapolis home last month. authorities say a man and woman who lived in the home along with another family member did it to collect insurance money. investigators say evidence prove that someone damaged the gas line which then sparked the explosion. >> we as a public safety community can do and must do is devote our best effort arrests to see that justice is done on behalf of such innocent victims. >> authorities say they also found evidence that photographs and financial records were moved from the home before the explosion. the blast destroyed five homes and damaged 90 more. two people died. >> a judge gave film approval to bp's settlement to people and businesses that lost money because of the massive oil spill. they have estimated it'll pay $7.8 billion to cover economic an
,000 reward to find a perk who robbed a woman and killed her dog. it happened about 5:00 friday night. the woman says she pulled her car over to look for her cell phone when a man approached her. she says he stole her money and became angry because her 12- year-old pekineses was barking in the backseat. >> first thing we heard i'm going to kill your dog. and then he slammed it under this moving car. >> i'm speechless. i would have given him anything. >> the woman did not want to be identified. she did take the dog to the vet but the dogs injuries were too serious. the two men who stopped to help were putting up their own money to try to fan the man. >>> a bomb scare in martinez turned out to be a false alarm. someone reported what looked like a pipe bomb. the walnut creek bomb squad was called in to remove the device. >>> oakland police are trying to figure out if four bank robberies are linked. authorities say he got away with alabama undisclosed amount of cash. the bank was also robbed onsides 6th, december 10th, and december 21st. investigators are trying to figure out if the same
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